Supporting new hires through a sound and professional onboarding process is at the core of our values. For this reason, we’ve created a space where candidates can be heard. Learn more about Mandrake Group’s unique support process from the candidates themselves.

Francis Baillargeon

VP & CFO at AddEnergie Technologies

“In terms of learning, I would say that from my point of view, the support I lived helped me in what was my most significant role evolution in my history – different responsibilities, different type of management, size and nature different business. Linda helped me to step back from a time when it would have been otherwise difficult to take it and offered me some real strategies to make sure my transition was a success – and it was always done in practice context which I applied as soon as I returned to the office after our meetings. I kept several learnings from it and continue to apply it and I also took notes to ensure that the next integration of a new leaders into our team will be a great success.

Linda has allowed me to focus not only on making the obvious parts of my immediate transition a success, but also on building a foundation that allows me to build strong relationships and a good approach to work for the longer term. I liked the progressive structure of the support meaning that the elements that we focused on in the first month were appropriate for these experiences, and those that came out in the third / fourth month were different, but just as relevant.

For me, it was the price of certain initiatives or habits, sometimes innocuous, that allowed me to set the tone well with my colleagues – up, down, and sideways. I also liked using the “excuse” of my integration to have frank discussions with the members of my team which did not allow me to accelerate my learning and to clearly express my objectives to demonstrate the seriousness of my steps. “

Daniel Hébert

Vice President and Group Lead, IT

“As part of my hiring at BDC through the firm of Mandrake Vézina Lebeau, I was able to benefit from excellent support from Linda Arsenault in the integration of my new position. Our meetings began before my arrival in order to prepare the plan for my first 90 days. Our discussions continued in the months following my entry into post to discuss the human, political and organizational aspects related to my new responsibilities.
Linda was of great help in preparing my findings and my action plan following my first 90 days. Linda’s experience, listening skills and sound advice allowed me to successfully integrate and build a solid foundation for my future at BDC. Thank you!”

Yannick Beaulé

Vice President Sales and Corporate Development

“These support sessions have proven to be very profitable for me, just to take a break from the daily hustle and bustle and reflect on my actions in a context of integration into my role. In addition to allowing this moment of reflection, our discussions made it possible to bring out a few points that I had to integrate in order to optimize this integration. A great idea from Mandrake.”

“I thought it was important to let you know that this approach was greatly appreciated and brought a lot of value. Thank you!”

Michel Lalonde, FSA

Vice President Human Resources Canada

” As I am not patient by nature, my main challenge was not to question everything in the first month in my new position. This is what was discussed in my first two meetings with my coach. I have also received documentation to this effect. I have to say that taking a step back before you act is probably the best advice ever. It allowed me to better understand the corporate culture as well as the people and, of course, to make better decisions afterwards. It also allowed me to establish my credibility with my team. Subsequently, the focus was on the expectations of my superiors. I had not taken the time to understand the expectations to my respect and this point came up during a meeting with my coach. Since then, I have taken the time to validate them and I am in a much better position following these meetings with my superiors. I believe that the executive coaching provided upon my hiring has generally helped me to land smoothly and integrate into my new environment.

Thank you for giving me this beautiful gift!

Michel “

Eric Martin

Vice-President of Information Technologies and Digitalization

“I’m generally open to this type of process but was still skeptical that this kind of coaching would add value at this point in my career. I’ve joined and integrated into more than a dozen companies over the years. I thoroughly prepared with readings, discussions, reflection… Once on board, I was well received and given good support. I listened and set up the right messages, best practices, and a new strategic plan… And it’s been successful so far.

Our discussions throughout this process helped me avoid certain potentially perilous grey areas. Having seen a lot of this kind of thing in the past doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve seen it all! It is quite possible that I might not be looking in the right place at the right moment! Your questions, always on point, helped me see these areas and contribute to my overall thought process. It was subtle but very useful! You really listen, and it’s always a positive, enjoyable experience!”

Caroline Paquet


“Allow me to underline the contribution of Linda Arsenault, your integration coach, in my integration process.

I intend to add a session to the one already provided by Mandrake. She has a different and paused eye.

She had very good advice in regards of the situation with my predecessor, and this was very valuable. In integration, we are often tempted to take charge from the start and we forget the most important … assimilate the organizational culture. She helps you adapt and navigate a new organization.”

France De Blois

Vice President, Finance

” The frequency of one (coaching) session per month was well scheduled and allowed me to have external and objective monitoring of how my integration was going at Cogeco. I really appreciated this process and the support and I am sure that it contributed to my integration going well. “